Dr Antonella G|Skin by skinFormaDr. Antonella, Founder and Chief Executive Officer skinForma, LLC

Dr. Antonella is a published author, blogger, and distinguished speaker for numerous conferences and professional meetings. A graduate of Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Antonella earned her Doctorate in Pharmacy and has a Consultant Pharmacist License.

With nearly 20 years in healthcare, Dr. Antonella integrated her passion to help and improve health and quality of life to redefining and enhancing women’s quality of living. She created G’Skin Semi Panty™ as a solution to her personal yet independent needs for both her professional career and personal lifestyle.

skinForma’s™ mission is that of its founder- to diligently create genuine and needed accessories while promoting awareness and understanding through education and communication. It’s the perfect synergy of science and fashion, developing unique solutions to enhance lifestyle integrating femininity and fashion with the focus on yourself: 1. Minimizing health concerns 2. Providing comfort and confidence 3. Carefree and effortless application to your lifestyle.

Dr. Antonella serves the community and contributes her time and resources to various nonprofit organizations.