G|Skin Application by skinForma


1. When would I wear my G|Skin?

Just some of the times you’ll love wearing your G|Skin’s are tanning, massages, spa sessions, and trying on bathing suits. Because G|Skin’s are designed for your body and there are no visible panty lines, you can wear them under everything from everyday jeans to your most delicate dresses.

2. Why would I wear G|Skin instead of my current panties?

While tanning, your G|Skin’s provide added protection essential to a woman’s health. Your nipple and pubic areas are very sensitive to sun and artificial exposure and can result in increased risk of cancer, irritation and blotching. In addition, sweating around the external vaginal area can cause yeast and bacteria to flourish. Untreated bacteria and yeast can travel internally causing both urinary tract infections and urethral infections. Conventional swimsuits, g-strings and thongs don’t offer a solution to these common but serious health concerns. In fact, strings and thongs facilitate gut bacteria to travel to your vaginal region and contribute to skin abrasion and irritation. And wearing nothing,… only means no protection at all for you or your clothing.

3. How do I wear G|Skin Semi Panty ?

Clean and dry skin prior to application. Do not use any products in the areas intended for your G’Skin. Remove your G|Skin from its individually sealed package. Gently remove liner from adhesive. Place your G|Skin over desired location. Extend from front pelvis up to and between buttocks. Press firmly. When worn as intended, your G’Skin should not be visible from behind.

4. Are G|Skins comfortable?

Very. As a matter of fact, most of our clients prefer G|Skin  to their thongs, strings, and especially those times when they choose to wear nothing at all.

5. Do I need to wait for a special occasion to try G|Skin?

Your G|Skin is perfect for any occasion… from day to eveningwear.

6. Are G|Skin Semi Panties easy to put on?

You can put your G|Skin  on in seconds and remove them just as fast! And for those times you need to be fresh or are on the run, you can change them without having to take off your clothing!

With G|Skins, just remove from the buttocks and lift up when you use the restrooms. It is that easy! No more worrying about touching the toilet seat with your panties. G|Skin’s make going to the restroom easy with dresses.

7. How do I clean my G|Skin?

Gently hand wash with mild soap and warm water. After drying, place your G|Skin flat on the enclosed setting mat until you’re ready to enjoy your G|Skin experience again.
8. But I don’t tan; is G|Skin for me?

If you’ve ever worn g-strings, thongs, boy shorts or just gone commando then G|Skin is for you.

9. I tan but I don’t want to walk around the beach or poolside and have others see me…

G|Skin fits right under your current swimsuit! Once you lay down, un-strap your tops and bottoms and you’re ready to get that perfect tan.

10. Can I wear G|Skins when I try on underwear, swimsuits and clothing in the stores? I currently wear my underwear, but that does not work… I can’t really determine how anything fits!
G|Skin’s are designed to contour with your body and cover up only the areas you want to cover – providing you optimal fitting sessions for even itsy bitsy bikinis. With its Ready to Wear Packaging and antimicrobial and sterile protection, G|Skin’s are perfect for fitting rooms and traveling with you – wherever you go!

11. Can I wear G|Skins when I get a massage? I don’t like being completely naked in the front when I have to turn around….etc etc….

Certainly! G|Skins are perfect for anytime you don’t want to be completely exposed.

12. Do G|Skins work when the adhesive comes in contact with hair?

Of course it’s best to have no hair in the adhesive area; however, since everyone’s hair coarseness and type is different, it is best for you to try it for yourself. You can always trim/shave/wax around the adhesive area.

13. Return Policy?

Like any panty, once used it is not returnable; once the package is opened it cannot be returned. G|Skin is an experience that each person has to try for themselves. Go ahead and try it on, if you use thongs or g-strings, you will enjoy the experience and see just how smart G|Skin panties are for you!
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