Smart choice panty for day or evening wear.

G’Skin™ panty is a Revolutionary Sterilized Antimicrobial Strapless panty that when worn as intended is invisible from behind!


G’Skin™ panty conveniently provides you the confidence and comfort to achieve that all-over tan and/orlose those panty lines under any type of clothing- Jeans, Swimsuits, Silk and Pencil Skirts,even that Little Black Dress! With it’s advanced hypo-allergenic smooth silicone adhesive and European inspired design, your G’Skin™ panty may be worn approximately 5 times!

It is the smart choice for day or evening wear. And let’s face it, added UV protection is essential to a woman’s health. Your nipple and pubic areas are very sensitive to sun and artificial exposure and can result in increased risk of cancer, irritation and blotching. In addition, sweating around the external vaginal area can cause yeast and bacteria to flourish. Untreated bacteria and yeast can travel internally causing both urinary tract infections and urethral infections. Conventional swimsuits, g-strings and thongs don’t offer a solution to these common but serious health concerns, and wearing nothing, only means no protection at all.

Your G’Skin™ panty comes in individually sealed packages ready for wear and with it’s antimicrobial and sterile protection it’s the smart choice.

G’Skin™ panties eliminate tan and panty lines by utilizing an advanced silicone adhesive that you can wear again and again while leaving absolutely no sticky residue. When worn as intended, G’Skin™ panty is not visible from behind! There are no more uncomfortable strings, thongs, or bunching bikini bottoms and no more Visible Panty Line’s. Now you can wear a sun suit that provides the necessary coverage you need while giving you a sexy stay-in-place panty for all occasions. The moment you try one on you’ll love the way you feel and you’ll see that

Smart is the New Sexy!

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